Hands up, which of us planned for a chronic illness in your life? Certainly not me. When I speak to fellow warriors, I am most struck by our similarities in being a type A person. There must be some link here somewhere! I’m a type A person who has everything planned out. When my symptoms initially started, I didn’t have time for them. I was urged by my husband and mother to go to the GP for the first two weeks. I made excuses and ignored it as best I could, whilst taking a lot of pain relief. Eventually it was too difficult to ignore. I was forced to slow down and adapt to this new life. Being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis was most definitely a major plot twist. I’m sure you can resonate if you’re a chronic illness warrior or a loved one.

The most interesting thing is that getting a chronic illness forces you to adapt and change, you roll with the punch that life has dealt you. Again, it is amazing to realise that almost every person I have spoken to so far agrees that, in some ways, getting this massive plot twist was a blessing in disguise. It has changed their life and their outlook for the better. They’ve lost some degree of their ‘type A-ness’. Some fellow warriors have started their own business and are thriving, some have changed their home life and others have lost the chronic need to worry.

How amazing that this terrifying experience has delivered something of beauty to people. So hold on tight fellow warriors and loved ones, we’re in for an interesting ride!


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