There’s always a lot of pressure to set New Years resolutions at this time of year and let me join the group of people who aren’t. I always used to set out to do x, y and z and would barely last until the middle of January. It caused me stress and upset when I didn’t meet my goal. I would then join the camp of half-heartedly starting again in February, only to stop and realise in June that I had now “wasted” half the year not really doing anything.

So this year, I am following Mandy Hale’s words. I’m not going to have a plan. I’m not going to have an explicit target to reach. What I am going to focus on is making better choices everyday in all aspects of my life. Whether its eating more veggies, writing another blog post or simply stopping to enjoy the life I have around me. Time to enjoy with my nearest and dearest. Soaking. It. All. In.

So here’s to not having a plan this year! Cheers!


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