When chronic illness symptoms start it can be incredibly confusing. The body you thought you knew and trusted is suddenly betraying you. It’s doing things that don’t seem normal and the really scary. For me I was an almost 30 year old with a body acting like a 90 year old. It can also make you feel incredibly anxious about your future. You start asking yourself if this is the new normal and what will your life look like from now on. It can send you to a very dark place.

However, once you get a diagnosis things start to get easier. Initially you are overwhelmed by the amount of medications you are on but over time you adjust and it becomes “normal”. Its those times that you look back, and like this quote says, you can recognise the horror you lived through. You realise how strong and capable you are. You can see how courageous you have become. You can recognise the new confidence within you. I can tell you its truly the best feeling ever, its incredibly powerful, to realise what you have overcome and you my friend are unstoppable.

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